Spring 2018 Courses

Registration is now open for the Haitian Institute of Atlanta’s Spring 2018 courses. Register today!

In fulfillment of our mission to enrich, unite, and strengthen Atlanta’s Haitian community, the Haitian Institute of Atlanta will offer the following courses beginning in Spring 2018. Except for English for Haitian Speakers courses, all courses will be conducted in Haitian Creole with few exceptions. The courses are designed with Haitians in mind pursuant to our mission to help Haitians thrive. However, everyone, that is, Haitians and non-Haitians alike, is welcome and encouraged to register for our courses.

Spring 2018 Courses:

  • HIA 1001 – Welcome to the U.S.! This orientation course is designed for Haitians who are new to the United States. Participants in this course will benefit from in-depth, though not exhaustive, information sessions on what it means to live and raise a family in Atlanta. They will also receive counseling on careers/jobs, education, safety, finances, and child-rearing. The course will end with a brief tour of Atlanta with emphasis on some of the city’s most significant historical, cultural, and educational sites. Duration: 7 weeks. 
  • HIA 1804 – Seminar in Cultural Awareness. Participants in this seminar will spend seven weeks learning and analyzing various aspects of both Haitian and U.S. cultures. This course will use a variety of teaching methods including texts (where appropriate), videos, lectures, field trips, etc. Duration: 7 weeks
  • HIA 1791 Elementary Haitian I. This course is open to everyone who wants to learn to speak, read, and write the language spoken by most Haitians. Duration: 7 weeks
  • HIA 1792 Elementary Haitian II. This is a continuation of HIA 1791. Duration: 7 weeks
  • EHS 1803 English for Haitian Speakers. Designed for beginning speakers of English, this course teaches the basics of the English language with emphasis on conversation and reading. Duration: 14 weeks
  • EHS 1806 Intermediate English for Haitian Speakers. Duration: 14 weeks

In the form below, please tell us your contact information and which course (s) interests you. We will contact you with scheduling and pricing details.

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